Hangup the Call

Hangs up the current call.


On ISDN systems the 'cause value' which is sent at the time of call disconnection can be specified by setting the $RV[DropCall_CauseValue]to hold the cause value tag. You can use the Evaluate Expression module to assign a cause value to$RV[DropCall_CauseValue]

Valid cause values are:

Cause Value Tag Cause Value Description
ACCESS_INFO_DISCARDED Access information discarded
BAD_INFO_ELEM Information element nonexistent or not implemented
BEAR_CAP_NOT_AVAIL Bearer channel capability not available
CAP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED Bearer channel capability not implemented
CHAN_DOES_NOT_EXIST Channel does not exist
CHAN_NOT_IMPLEMENTED Channel type not implemented
FACILITY_NOT_IMPLEMENT Requested facility not implemented
FACILITY_NOT_SUBSCRIBED Facility not subscribed
FACILITY_REJECTED Facility rejected
GC_CALL_REJECTED Call was rejected
GC_CHANNEL_UNACCEPTABLE Channel is not acceptable
GC_DEST_OUT_OF_ORDER Destination is out of order
GC_NETWORK_CONGESTION Call dropped due to traffic volume
GC_NORMAL_CLEARING Call dropped under normal conditions
GC_REQ_CHANNEL_NOT_AVAIL   Requested channel is not available
GC_UNASSIGNED_NUMBER Requested number is unknown
GC_USER_BUSY End user is busy
INCOMING_CALL_BARRED Incoming call barred
INCOMPATIBLE_DEST Incompatible destination
INTERWORKING_UNSPEC Interworking unspecified
INVALID_CALL_REF Invalid call reference
INVALID_ELEM_CONTENTS Invalid information element
INVALID_MSG_UNSPEC Invalid message, unspecified
INVALID_NUMBER_FORMAT Invalid number format
MANDATORY_IE_LEN_ERR Message received with mandatory information element of incorrect length
MANDATORY_IE_MISSING Mandatory information element missing
NETWORK_OUT_OF_ORDER Network out of order
NO_CIRCUIT_AVAILABLE No circuit available
NO_ROUTE No route. Network has no route to the specified transient network or to the destination
NO_USER_RESPONDING No user responding
NONEXISTENT_MSG Message type nonexistent or not implemented
NUMBER_CHANGED Number changed
OUTGOING_CALL_BARRED Outgoing call barred
PRE_EMPTED Call preempted
PROTOCOL_ERROR Protocol error, unspecified
RESP_TO_STAT_ENQ Response to status inquiry
SERVICE_NOT_AVAIL Service not available
TEMPORARY_FAILURE Temporary failure
TIMER_EXPIRY Recovery on timer expired
UNSPECIFIED_CAUSE Unspecified cause
WRONG_MESSAGE Message type invalid in call state or not implemented
WRONG_MSG_FOR_STATE Message type not compatible with call state

The full definition of all the various cause codes can be found in the ITU-T's Q.850 recommendation: http://www.itu.int/rec/T-REC-Q.850/en

ITU-T's Q.931 (ISDN) rcommendation itself can be found at: a href="http://www.itu.int/rec/t-rec-q.931-199805-i/en">http://www.itu.int/rec/T-REC-Q.931-199805-I/en