VoiceGuide System Requirements

Minimum system requirements for running VoiceGuide are:

VoiceGuide v7:
Win2012, Win2008, Win10, Win8, Win7, Vista, Win2003_SP2, WinXP_SP3
.NET 4.0
Pentium 1GHz with 1GB RAM, or as per Windows min requirements
VoiceGuide v6:
Win2012, Win2008, Win10, Win8, Win7, Win2003, Win2000, WinXP
Pentium 1GHz with 512MB RAM or as per Windows min requirements
VoiceGuide v5:
Win2003, Win2000, WinXP, Win ME, Win 98, Win 95
Pentium 400MHz with 256MB RAM, or as per Windows min requirements


Hardware Requirements

VoiceGuide can be used with:

Dialogic cards
A range of cards is available including cards for use with traditional 'analog' telephone lines (eg: D/4PCIUF), as well as cards for T1 and E1 based services. (D/240JCT, D/300JCT, etc.)
Please see: Installing with Dialogic.

No hardware is required for VoIP (SIP) deployments. Dialogic HMP drivers are used on VoIP systems.
Please see: Installing VoIP Systems.

CAPI (ISDN) cards
Any card supporting CAPI can be used as well. These cards will allow VoiceGuide to be used on BRI ISDN lines (2 channel 128Kbs) and PRI (24 channel T1 or 30 channel E1) ISDN lines. There are many manufacturers of CAPI cards, best known are AVM (Fritz!Card) and Eicon.
Please see: Installing with CAPI cards.

Voice Modems
Many modems can support "Voice" functionality, but most of them do not support it well, with poor sound quality and unreliable detection of caller's key presses.

Other Telephony Devices
There are a number of other telephony cards and devices which can be used with VoiceGuide - please see: Recommended Hardware



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