Send Email Module

This module will send an Email message.

You can specify the Destination, Title, Message Body and an Attachment File. Result Variables can be used.


If the message needs to be sent to multiple email addresses the individual addresses must be separated by semicolons ";" or commas ","
Other information may be set in the Misc tab, including return email address, CC, BCC.

The two Send Method tabs specify which SMTP servers (primary and backup) the email should be sent through.

Please note that many SMTP gateways require that you specify a valid return email address before they will accept and send the email.

VoiceGuide can send emails by connecting to an SMTP server, or a server that supports SSL secure STMP connections started using STARTTLS (TLS Security). SMTPS servers are not supported.

Most STARTTLS connections are made using port 587. If a different port is to be used for a STARTTLS connection then the server name should be prefixed with ssl: to indicate that STARTTLS is to be used.


Gmail supports STARTTLS connections for outgoing emails, so if you encounter problems with your local SMTP server not supporting STARTTLS then a free Gmail account can be used to send out the emails.

If the email was queued to be sent then the Success path will be taken. If there were problems with queuing the email then the Fail path will be taken. Note that a 'Success' result does not indicate that email was successfully sent out or delivered. A 'Success' result just indicates that the email was queued for sending.

What the above paths do:

on {Success} goto [Confirm Email Sent]

Go to module "Confirm Email Sent"

on {Fail} goto [Say Error]

Go to module "Say Error"


Result Variables

The following Result Variables are created by this module:

$RV[module title]

Will store the destination email address.

$RV[module title_Subject]

Will store the email message subject.

$RV[module title_Message]

Will store the email message body text.

$RV[module title_Attachment]

Will store the filename of the attached file sent.

$RV[module title_SendResult]

Will store whether sending of the email was successful or not. Stores 'OK' if the message was sent, or stores an error code if the message could not be sent. An error code of 3 means that Microsoft Outlook/Exchange/Messaging was not running at the time.



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