NOTE: Deprecated. Please use Trace function instead.


Adds a log entry to VoiceGuide's vgEngine trace log.


object.Admin_TraceLogAdd iLineId, iLogLevel, sLogInfo

Part Description
object Required. VoiceGuide object
iLineId Required. Identification number of the line with which this log entry is associated. Set to 0 if not used.
iLogLevel Required. Compared against VoiceGuide's trace level setting to determine if the log entry should be printed. Set to 0 for the trace log entry to be always printed.
sLogInfo Required. the information to be printed


VoiceGuide's trace level is set using VG.INI file, section "TraceLog", entry "TraceLevel"


set vg = CreateObject("vgServices.CommandLink")
vg.Admin_TraceLogAdd 0, 0, "This trace was printed from an external VB Script"
vg.Run_ResultReturn $RV_LINEID, "Success"
set vg = Nothing



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