Multi Language Systems

When implementing multi-language systems:

  • Script prompts need to be recorded in multiple languages.
  • If using any of VoiceGuide's pre-recorded system prompts, then a new set of system prompts needs to be recorded in the new language as well.


Script Sound Files 

Usually towards the beginning of the script a module like this would be used:

The user selection would then be available by using the $RV[Get Language] Result Variable.
This result variable can then be used to select the right language version of the file for the script to play.

eg: language files can be placed in separate directories:

C:\MyScripts\$RV[Get Language]\Intro.wav

Would be translated by VoiceGuide to either:
where the three files are recorded in English, Spanish and French respectively.

or, the sound files to play can be specified like this:

C:\MyScripts\Intro_$RV[Get Language].wav

Above would be translated by VoiceGuide to indicate either:


VoiceGuide System Sound Files

VoiceGuide's default system sound files are stored in the VoiceGuide’s "\system\voice\" subdirectory.

To select a different set of system files to be used for the current call, the path pointing to the new system directory current for this call needs to be written to the $RV[DIRSYSTEMVOICE] Result Variable.

The path has to be written in double quotes. Note that only DIRSYSTEMVOICE is specified in the "Assign to Result Variable" text box, not $RV[DIRSYSTEMVOICE].



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