Attempts to make a call on one of the available lines. If no lines are available to make the call immediately then an error will be returned.

This function does not save any call details in the OutDialQue database.


object.Dialer_MakeCall sPhoneNumber, sLineSelection, sBridgeAfterDialing

Part Description
object Required. VoiceGuide object
sPhoneNumber Required. The telephone number to be called
sLineSelection Required. If the outbound call may only be made on particular phone lines then these lines should be listed in this setting. If left blank then any available lines will be used. Line IDs may be specified as a comma delimited list of "LineIDs" (eg: 6,7,8) or using XML notation, (eg: <LineId>2</LineId><LineId>3</LineId>) or specified as a comma delimited list of the Dialogic line identifiers ( eg:dxxxB1C2,dxxxB1C3 ).
sBridgeAfterDialing Required. Line ID, or name of Dialogic channel to bridge the call with after the number has been dialed.
sScriptToRunAfterDialing   Required. Which script is to be started on the line after dialing the number. Leave blank to have the script currently assigned to the line to be started. If none is specified then no script will be used.


Returns the name of the LineID of line on which the call was made.


Please see the VoiceGuide's Help file's section on Auto Dialing for information on the other ways in which outgoing calls can be scheduled in VoiceGuide.


Example 1

Scenario : Dial number 5551234 and after last digit is dialed bridge with call on current line.

set vg = CreateObject("vgServices.CommandLink")
vg.Dialer_MakeCall "0,5551234", "", "$RV_LINEID", ""
vg.Run_ResultReturn $RV_LINEID, "Success"
set vg = Nothing



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