Ring Group Calls

A Ring Group Call is a form of dialing multiple numbers at the same time, with only with the party that answers first proceeding with the call.
When the first call is answered all other outgoing calls in the Ring Group are hung up.

To place a Ring Group Call the multiple telephone numbers are specified separated by the & character.



Will result in calls to 4 numbers being placed, with the call only proceeding with the party that answers first.


User Selected Calls

The winning Ring Group Call can be user selected, instead of automatically determioned by first call answer.
User selection allows creation of Ring Group solutions where the winning call is selected upon positive call acceptence from call recipient.
eg: by pressing a key on a telephone keypad.

If the below is set in the outgoing call's Options, then the Ring Group Calls will not be hung up upon first call answer:


but will only be hung up when the following Action API call is made:

vgo.Action $RV_LINEID, "ringgroup_hangup_others", 0, 0, 0, "", "", ""

the LineID parameter is used to specify the LineID of the winning call that is allowed to continue, with all other calls in the Ring Group hung up.
Note that this means that other recipients of the Ring Group calls may have their calls abruptly ended - if thery have answered the call but were not the first one to 'accept' it.

To prevent such abrupt hangups it is possible to handle the Ring Group issued hangup by specifying a {ringgroup_hangup} path in the modules where ring gropup call recipients may be in when the winning line issues the "ringgroup_hangup_others" Action.


on {ringgroup_hangup} goto [play_disconnect_message]


Result Variables

$RV_RingGroup holds the unique Ring Group ID. Ring Group ID is the same for all the calls belonging to the same Ring Group.



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