Which VoiceGuide Version to Use

Latest version of VoiceGuide is v7.x

VoiceGuide v7.x can use VoIP, and can control analog and T1/E1 ISDN trunks.

Table below lists some of the common devices used in IVR systems, the types of telephone lines used with these devices, and the appropriate VoiceGuide version to use for each scenario:


Device Lines Used VoiceGuide Version
Dialogic cards Analog, T1/E1 ISDN VoiceGuide v7 / v6 - select the "Dialogic cards" option during install.
(none used) VoIP - SIP VoiceGuide v7 - select the "VoIP/HMP" option during install
Dialogic DNI/HMP cards T1/E1 ISDN VoiceGuide v7 - select the "VoIP/HMP" option during install
CAPI cards BRI ISDN VoiceGuide v5 (TAPI version)
Voice Modems Analog VoiceGuide v5 (TAPI version)
TAPI devices Various VoiceGuide v5 (TAPI version)



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