Start Recording the sound from two sources into the specified file. Can be used to record:

  • Both sides of a bridged/conferenced call, or
  • Caller's interaction with the IVR
  • Can also record each side of the call into separate files. Those separate files can then be used to create a trasncription of the call that identifies what each party said.

    If there is a Pool of Voice resources defiend then the Voice device used to perfrom the recording wil be taken from the pool.
    Pleae note that in order to perform a recording of the Caller's interaction with the IVR, a Voice device from a 'Pool' must be used, as the lines own Voice device is used by the IVR to play sound to to caller. Syntax

    object.Record_2Lines_Start(iLineIdRec, iLineId1, iLineId2, sSoundFile, sOptions)

    Part Description
    object VoiceGuide object
    iLineIdRec LineID or device name of the line handling the recording process.
    iLineId1 LineID or device name of the first line to be recorded
    iLineId2 Identification number of the second line to be recorded
    sSoundFile Filename of the created sound file
    sOptions Options



    play_beep : Play a beep tone when recording

    AB_side : Make separate A/B side recordings as well as the main recording.

    Note: a "Pool" of voice resources must be set up in order to use the "AB_side" option.
    Two voice resources from the pool will be used the "AB_side" option, in addtion to the voice resource used to record the original combined/merged sound file.



    In the examples below the predefined vgo object is used, instead of creating the "vgServices.CommandLink" object.


    Example : Record a bridged call between two parties.

    vgo.Record_2Lines_Start $RV_LINEID, $RV_LINEID, $RV[Conf_LineId_2], "c:\recfile.wav", ""


    Example : Record caller's interaction with the IVR. Everything caller says/presses and everything the IVR plays will be recorded.
    Note: a "Pool" of voice resources must be set up in order to use this functionality.

    vgo.Record_2Lines_Start $RV_LINEID, $RV_LINEID, $RV_LINEID,, "c:\recfile.wav", ""


    Example : Record a bridged call into the 3 separate files: Main, A-Side, B-Side.

    vgo.Record_2Lines_Start $RV_LINEID, $RV_LINEID, $RV[Conf_LineId_2], "c:\newfile.wav", "AB_side"

    Note: Recording A-Side and B-Side uses two "pool" voice resources.


    Note : Please see below example how to create a "Pool" of voice resources. The <Pools> section would need to be placed inside the main node of the Config.xml file.
    The voice devices allocated to the pool cannot be assigned to any line/channel.




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