Installing v5.x (TAPI version) on systems using CAPI cards

VoiceGuide v5 can be used to control CAPI capable hardware.

Most CAPI capable cards are BRI ISDN cards which can support 2, 4 or 8 ports. If T1/E1 ISDN systems are considered then VoiceGuide v7 should be used.

Popular CAPI cards are:

AVM (Fritz!Card, B1, C2, C4, T1, Fritz!GSM, etc)

Eicon (BRI-2M, 4BRI-8M, etc)

Eicon cards also come with their own TAPI/Wave drivers, which can be used directly by VoiceGuide.

Some CAPI devices do not come with their own TAPI/Wave drivers, and in these cases in order for them to be able to be used by VoiceGuide a 3rd party product is needed: ComISDN, which is essentially a converter between the CAPI interface and TAPI/Wave interface, allowing programs that use the TAPI/Wave interface to work with any CAPI based hardware.


Install order

1. Install the CAPI hardware.

2. Download and Install the ComISDN TSP from, and configure it to control the CAPI hardware.

3. Install VoiceGuide (select the "TAPI" install option),


Configuring ComISDN

The ComISDN TSP can be configuration window is accessed using:

Open Start -> Settings -> Control Panel then click "Phone and Modem Options" or "Telephony", and then under "Advanced" or "Telephony Drivers", select "ComISDN Service Provider" and click "Configure".

The ISDN Interface Properties window will appear:

The main setting that needs to be confirmed as having been correctly set is the "Network audio protocol". If not set correctly the sound played will sound distorted.

To set the Network Audio Protocol select the Computer (root) and then click "Properties".

By default, ComISDN will use "u-Law" if it detected that the version of Windows installed is a US, Canadian or Japan one. For all other countries, it will use "A-Law".

If Windows has not been configured with the correct country setting then it is possible that this setting is incorrect and will need to be set manually. please ensure that it is set to "u-Law" if you are located in US, Canada or Japan, and set it to "A-Law" if you are located in other countries. It may also want to confirm with the telephone company or PBX supplier which protocol should be used - or just try them both and see which one sounds better.


Running the Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard will discover all the TAPI capable telephony devices and will allow you to select which devices you would like to use with VoiceGuide:

Next you need to select the Scripts which will be used by VoiceGuide when an incoming call arrives on the selected devices. To begin with we'd recommend you select the demonstration script in VoiceGuide's "/Scripts/Credit Card Payment" directory:

When Setup Wizard configuration has completed you should now be able to start VoiceGuide and call into the system to hear it answer the call and lead you through the selected VoiceGuide script.

You can open the "/Scripts/Credit Card Payment" in the Graphical Design Environment to see how the script has been put together.


Wav file format

All sound files used on a VoiceGuide v5 system should be in format: PCM 8kHZ, 16 bit, Mono. Other file formats will not play.



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