Installing LumenVox Speech Recognition Engine

Please contact to arrange LumenVox licenses and access to LumenVox software.

Please refer to LumenVox documentation for LumenVox installation instructions.

The LumenVox MRCPv2 server by default uses port 5060 to accept incoming speech recognition requests. This is the same port used by most VoIP/SIP applications. When running the LumenVox MRCPv2 server with that default setting, no other VoIP/SIP applications should be running on same server.


Configuration Changes

Please refer to LumenVox documentation to establish required configuration settings.

If LumenVox is installed on a different server to VoiceGuide, then the IP address of LumenVox server must be specified in this LumenVox configuration file:

C:\Program Files\LumenVox\Engine\config\media_server.conf

in this entry:



Information about MRCPv2 parameters that can be set when performing the Speech Recogntion can be found in MRCPv2 RFC 6787 and in LumenVox documentation.



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