Predictive Dialers

Predictive Dialers are automated dialing systems designed to reach contacts and connect them to agents upon call answer.

VoiceGuide can be used to create all the various types of Predictive Dialing systems, by modifying the scripts used by the VoiceGuide dialer on outgoing calls. A VoiceGuide based system can blend inbound, outbound, and voice messaging campaigns as well as run multiple simultaneous campaigns.


Predictive Outbound IVR

The rate at which the Outbound IVR calls are made is dependant on how many agents are predicted to be available at the time when call recipients may request transfer to agent.


Click to Callback

Web page can include a "Call me" button to immediately initiate an outbound call from VoiceGuide, and once call answered and call recipient is verified VoiceGuide can connect the call to agent.


Predictive Dialer

Rate of calls is determined by number of agents predicted to be available when calls are predicted to be answered. If no agents are immediately available to connect to answered call then VoiceGuide can take contact through a personalized IVR script until an agent becomes available.


Power Dialer

Start multiple simultaneous calls per employee at the moment agents are ready. If more calls are answered then expected then VoiceGuide can take contact through an IVR script personalized with customer related information until an agent becomes available.


Progressive / Automated / Preview Dialer

At the moment agents are ready, a single record is displayed for employee review prior to connection and that single number is automatically called. This approach only eliminates the need for agent to manually enter the number to be called, but ensures that an agent will always be ready to speak to the the person answering the call.



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