Call Detail Records (CDRs)

VoiceGuide v7 will create a CDR for all the calls which arrived or were made by the system.

The CDR logs are automatically saved in VoiceGuide's \cdr\ subdirectory, and are also saved in a database. There is also an option to save the CDR data to a Syslog.

The call information is stored in the following CDR format:

  1. account: An account code designation (string)
  2. src: Caller*ID number (string)
  3. dst: Destination extension (string)
  4. dcontext: Destination context/submenu (string)
  5. clid: Caller*ID with text (string)
  6. channel: Channel used (string)
  7. dstchannel: Destination channel if appropriate (string)
  8. lastapp: Last application if appropriate (string)
  9. lastdata: Last application data (arguments) (string)
  10. start: Start of call (date/time)
  11. answer: Answer of call (date/time)
  12. hangup: End of call (date/time)
  13. duration: Total time in system, in seconds (integer)
  14. billsec: Total time call is up, in seconds (integer)
  15. disposition: What happened to the call: ANSWERED, NO ANSWER, BUSY (string)
  16. amaflags: Billing flags (string)
  17. user: User data

The Result Variables defined during the call can be optionally saved in the lastdata field. To enable saving of $RVS in CDR logs add this to the [Log] section of the VG.INI file:



Contents of $RV[CDR_amaflags] will be placed in the 16th CDR field.

Contents of $RV[CDR_user] will be placed in the 17th CDR field.



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