Voicemail Message Lamps

VoiceGuide can instruct the PBX to turn on the telephone extension's 'message lamp' when a new voicemail message has arrived, and to turn off the 'message lamp' once the message has been heard.

In VoiceGuide Script Editor got to the Edit menu and select go PBX Command Strings option, then click on the Message Lamps tab. The following should be displayed:

The top section is used to select when the signals to the PBX to turn the message lamps on/off should be sent.

The "Dial Strings" section is used to define what are the DTMF signals which VoiceGuide needs to send to the PBX to turn the message lamps on/off.

In the example shown in the above screenshot VoiceGuide has been configured to send DTMF tones *4,Ext (where Ext is the Extension number) when the first new voicemail message arrives and *5,Ext when the voicemail box owner has saved or deleted all of the 'New' voicemail messages.

The sending of the DTMF tones is done by VoiceGuide picking up one of the lines and dialing the DTMF tones specified. Eg. if in the above example the extension number was 1234 then to turn the lamp ON VoiceGuide would pick up a line and dial *4,1234 (with the comma indicating a short pause). It is possible to limit on what lines VG is allowed to send these lamp on/off messages. The lines on which the sending of message lamp messages is allowed can be specified by just typing in the Line IDs separated by commas. If the line selection text box is left blank then any of the currently available lines will be used.

The Message Lamp feature is only enabled in the 'Evaluation' and 'Enterprise+Dialer' versions of VoiceGuide.



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