Send Pager Message Module

This module will queue a pager message to be sent.

Dialer option must be enabled to allow VoiceGuide to perform any outbound dialing and pager message delivery. 

The pager message will be sent as soon as VoiceGuide has a line available to make a call on. When sending the message VoiceGuide will dial the Telephone number specified, and then will start dialing the digits specified in the Message text box.

VoiceGuide will pause for a couple of seconds after dialing the telephone number and before dialing the message. If this pause is not long enough, extra wait time can be specified by tying commas at the beginning of the message. The example in the captured screen above has two commas.

The length of a pause generated by each comma differs from system to system and its best to determine by trial and error the number of commas to use in order to have reliable pager message delivery from your VoiceGuide system to your pager provider.

Also in the example above a Result Variable was used in the message. This shows how data entered by the caller in one part of the script can be sent as part of a pager message.

Lines Used

If the outbound call may only be made on particular phone lines then these lines should be listed here. Lines should be specified as a comma delimited list of "LineIDs" (eg: 6,7,8) or of the Dialogic line identifiers (eg: dxxxB1C2,dxxxB1C3). If any of the lines are allowed to to be used then this setting should be left blank.


The 'Success' path is taken if the call to the pager was scheduled. If for any reason the call could not be scheduled, the 'Fail' path will be taken.



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