VoiceGuide and Dialogic HMP licenses

VoiceGuide and Dialogic HMP licenses can be purchased using the online order form at www.VoiceGuide.com


Registering VoiceGuide

To register VoiceGuide copy the provided 4 line license code to the License Details window in the VoiceGuide License Manager, press 'Activate', and then restart the VoiceGuide service.


Registering Dialogic HMP

Place the Dialogic HMP file somewhere on the VoiceGuide system and follow the steps below to enable HMP license:

  1. Stop VoiceGuide service
  2. Stop Dialogic service
  3. Apply the HMP license using the HMP License Manager.
  4. Follow instructions that will show on screen to “Restore Defaults”:
  5. To “Restore Defaults” right click on the “HMP_Software” node in DCM and select “Restore Device Defaults”
  6. A window will show. Select your new license filename.
  7. Start Dialogic service
  8. Start VoiceGuide service.



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