Software for Best-In-Class IVR Solutions

Comprehensive solution creation tools and extensive functionality make VoiceGuide a leading choice for inbound and outbound self-service applications and assisted services deployment.

The many functionalities supported allow creation of rich, omni-channel aware, personalized interactive experiences. Graphical callflow designers and GUIs are provided for quick deployment, and easy management. Information acquired by the IVR can be exported through many interfaces and integration options, ensuring all data can be captured and forwarded with the call onto ACD or other systems.

VoiceGuide is engineered to react instantly to customer input while handling large call volumes, and rapidly process all other in-call tasks. Fast operation maintains caller engagement and results in high quality Customer Experience.

Works with Cisco, Avaya and all other telephony systems and providers. It is cost-effective for smaller deployments while providing option to scale up at any time.

VoiceGuide can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Free support is provided through our online support forum.


Flexible Integration

VoiceGuide is designed to openly interact with any external programs, databases, services and interfaces using a wide range of technologies, and can perform instant execution of in-callflow JavaScript and VBScript functions, which allows other complex integrations to also be quickly implemented. Integrations can be quickly set up and monitored through the provided real-time line status reporting application, and detailed tracing is made available for full visibility of any transaction process.

VoiceGuide's own REST, WCF, COM, Database and File interfaces allow for easy integration with other applications. It is continually being maintained and updated to work with the latest technologies, and can be modified to suit specific customer requirements.


IVR Applications Designer

VoiceGuide Script Designer provides an intuitive way of creating and managing the callflows, allowing changes to be made without involving technical staff.


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