IVR Software Features

Feature Professional Enterprise
Max Lines/Channels 30 600
Play / Record
Time-Based Switching
In-Callflow Expressions
Fax Send/Receive
Voicemail Forward
Call Transfers
Database Integrations
Email Support
Outbound IVR Queing * *
Call External Programs
In-Callflow JavaScript/VBScript/etc.
Web Service Integrations
Text-To-Speech Support
Speech Recognition Support
Google Cloud Platform Integration
Biometrics Support
Recording of Bridged Calls
Whole Call Recording
Fax OCR & Routing
PBX Inband Signaling
Editable Voicemail Scripts
Message Lamps ON/OFF *
REST/COM/WCF/Remoting/etc. Interfaces
Analog Lines Support
VoIP / SIP Support
ISDN on T1 and E1 lines


* Needs VoiceGuide Dialer : Dialer module is required whenever the system needs to make an outgoing call on a new line. This is used for applications like:

Message/Script broadcasting to a list of telephone numbers.
Forwarding recorded voicemail messages to another phone number.
Making outgoing calls loaded using the Send Phone Message module, the Dialer_OutDialQueAdd function, OutDial_New.xml file etc.
Dial and Conference transfers - otherwise known as 'Tromboning' transfers - where a call on a new line is made to the number to which the call is to be transfered to, and the new outgoing call is connected to the exiting call on the system. (Normal 'hookflash' transfers do not require the Dialer)


Text to Speech : SAPI, MRCPv2, Google Cloud engines supported.
Speech Recognition : MRCPv2, Google Cloud engines supported.
Speech Transcription : Google Cloud engine supported.
Biometric Authentication : MRCPv2 engines supported.
Database integration : ODBC, ADO.NET, DAO
Answering Machine detection on outbound calls.
Whole Call Recording records all sound on both directions of the call, split into separate files if requried.
Can run scripts (JavaScript, VBScript) and other programs, allowing custom-designed extensions. 
Full logging of selections made during the call, allowing detailed call analysis.
Multi-Language support.
REST, WCF and COM interfaces allowing for easy integration of VoiceGuide with 3rd party applications.
Reporting via REST and automatic PDF generation and forwarding. Configurable web based dashboards.
Unlimited voicemail boxes, with message forwarding to phone, email, etc. Voicemail broadcast lists. Scripted Voicemail system allows for full customization of Voicemail features.
Trial Version Limitations

Needs restarting every 1 hour.
Dialer will only call up to 10 telephone numbers.
Limited to controlling 4 lines.
Otherwise all features of Enterprise+Dialer version are available.