ACD & Rich Popups

VoiceGuide has Automated Call Distribution (ACD) queuing, and is able to forward all call related information and data captured by the IVR to the agent when the call is transferred to agent by ACD.

The call related information can be attached to the call at call loading time (for outbound predictive/preview dialer calls) or can be attached to call while the caller is taken through the IVR prior to being placed in the ACD queue. This can include information like data entered by caller, retrieved from the database by the VoiceGuide script, etc.

Whilst in the ACD queue, VoiceGuide supports 'position in queue' notification, option to schedule a callback and other 'in-queue' functionality like promotions, subscriptions etc.

Skill based call routing is used when distributing the calls to available agents.

The Agent desktop popup application can can be customized to include information from multiple channels.

The default popup window has two timers - one keeping track of length of actual call and one keeping track of length of time spent 'wrapping up' the call:

The agent popup application can be modified as desired, with full source code for the agent popup application provided to customers.

Download the free fully working version of the VoiceGuide ACD Agent from the VoiceGuide Downloads Page.