Consulting Services

Solution Design

Katalina Technologies' Consulting Services can assist in designing your system to provide a personalized experience to your customers. Our professional staff deliver Best-In-Class Omnichannel solutions, which are designed to reduce customer effort throughout a call, and can deploy your system quickly and cost-effectively.

Improved CX (Customer Experience) within self-service IVRs and call routing applications results in significant cost savings through reduced operating costs. Improvement in quality of calls reaching agents also results in greater productivity and improved business outcomes.

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Voice Prompt Recording

We recommend the following voice talent sources for professionally recorded voice prompts:

US English (female) Allison Smith
Allison recorded the prompts which ship with VoiceGuide.
Many voice talents.
Many voice talents.
UK English (male)
Network announcer for ITV1 and ITV2 across the UK.
UK English (female) Rebecca Gethings
UK female voice of IBM's 'Super Voice' text to speech application.
UK English and other European