Telephony Cards

NOTE: For VoIP systems only VoIP drivers are used. No cards are required for VoIP systems.
Physical hardware cards are only used when deploying Analog or T1 or E1 based systems.


Dialogic cards

All current model Dialogic cards can be used with VoiceGuide v7.

Cards used for analog lines (normal telephone lines) :

D/120JCT D/42JCT D/82JCT

Cards used for digital T1 and E1 trunks :

D/240JCT D/300JCT D/480JCT D/600JCT

These discontinued DMV cards can also be used for digital T1 and E1 trunks :

DMV480A-2T1 DMV960-4T1 DMV960A-4T1
DMV600A-2E1 DMV1200-4E1 DMV1200A-4E1


Which Dialogic card to use:

Entry-level cards are the D4PCIU series cards: D4PCIUFW, D4PCIUFEQ, D4PCIU4SW, D4PCIU4SEQ
These cards can have 4 analog phone lines/extensions attached to them, allowing them to handle 4 simultaneous calls.

Other cards for analog lines are:
D/120JCT - can handle 12 analog lines/extensions, and
DMV160LP - can handle 16 analog lines/extensions.

Cards for digital trunks:
D/240JCT - can terminate a single T1 trunk,
D/300JCT - can terminate a single E1 trunk,
D/480JCT, D/600JCT and DMV series cards handle multiple T1 and E1 trunks.


Hardware Requirements

4 - 30 channels : Intel i3 (1 Core on VM), 4GB RAM, 120GB HD
30 - 120 channels : Intel i3 (2 Cores on VM), 4GB RAM, 250GB HD
120 - 600 channels : Intel i5 (4 Cores on VM), 8GB RAM, 500GB HD