Technical Support

Questions can be posted on the VoiceGuide Support Forum.

The Support Forum is monitored by our support staff.

Please provide the following information when making a new post :


System Description :

  • Windows version
  • CPU/RAM/etc.
  • VoiceGuide version


If Dialogic cards or HMP drivers are used :

Run the sys_infoDNA.exe or its_sysinfo.exe program to gather information about your system.
This program will collect system data and create a report file.
its_sysinfo.exe can be found in Dialogic's \bin\ subdirectory.


Trace Log :

In VoiceGuide v7 the Trace Logs are in VoiceGuide's \log\ subdirectory.

In VoiceGuide v6 and v5 the logging will need to be first enabled by setting the log levels to 10 in VG.INI as per below:


After changing VG.INI restart VoiceGuide and then make a test call which demonstrates the problem.
Trace files are created in VG's \log\ subdirectory.
Please post the traces and the VoiceGuide script used.
Please .ZIP up any trace files before forwarding them.


Direct Support :

For customers who prefer not to use the free Support Forum (for privacy reasons etc.) we offer direct support options.

Please Contact for more information on direct support plans available.