Virtual Agents

VoiceGuide can be used to deploy Artificial Intelligence Virtual Agent IVRs.

Integrations with Speech-To-Text engines provide fast recognition of what is spoken by the caller.
Fast recognition times then allow VoiceGuide to react immediately and maintain natural conversation flow.

VoiceGuide's built-in Language Processing functions can process speech in Real-Time, extracting meaning from what was spoken by the caller and allow the system to promptly react and continue the conversation.

This functionality allows VoiceGuide to deliver a Customer Experience that for many callers would be close to one delivered by a live agent.



Virtual Agent script is available for download from the Example Scripts page.

The script implements a Virtual Agent handling an Accommodation Booking request.
This technology demonstrating script can be ran using the Evaluation version of VoiceGuide v7.6
available for download from the VoiceGuide Downloads Page.


Please Contact VoiceGuide to discuss your Virtual Agents deployment.