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  1. Hi could you please check the log let me know y i am not able to call mobile numbers. Also for calling to sip number its connecting sometimes but mostly its getting error please check. WireSharkLog.pcapng 1231_CallEvents.txt 1231_vgService.txt ClusterPkg.log
  2. Call routing of incoming VoIP/SIP calls

    i would like to know is there a possibility to configure the script based on SIP number using SIP Trunk example: If I receive a call on SIP Number 201 its should played script 1 If I receive a call on SIP Number 202 its should played script 2 if this can be done then please let me know the process.
  3. Outgoing calls on a CUCM SIP Trunk

    I am using Outbound Call Loader wireshark logs show that its calling to my number but i am not receiving a call please check . WireSharkLog.pcapng 1226_CallEvents.txt
  4. Outgoing calls on a CUCM SIP Trunk

    Hi i am using Transfer to call please check the below image and logs.When press 1 call is hanging up not able to transfer please let me know how could i use transfer to call as i am using SIP Trunk. WireSharkLog.pcapng 1226_CallEvents.txt
  5. Hi, I have downloaded VoiceGuide_7.6.4 and DialogicHMP30_Drivers_for_VoiceGuide_7.5_gen2_375 successfully install on my laptop I am using CiscoCallManager to configure Voice Guide i followed below link https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/config_ciscocallmanager.htm. And also added VoIP Registration and VoIP Authentication details in VoiceGuide config file. Please let me know what is the issue. Attached files are ConfigFile,Logfile,WireShark capture file WireSharklog.pcapng Config.xml 1219_ktTel.txt 1219_0916_vgEngine.txt
  6. SIP Configured but not able to originate calls and receive calls. kindly check the log and revert back log.zip
  7. VG seems to have trouble connecting to SIP

    My system is having trouble connecting to the SIP server. The solution I found was to stop VG and restart it. It is really inconvenient because it implies that I am always ready to do this action. When the system does not receive the correct answer from the SIP, it gets bogged down and dials the numbers one at the back of the other without a pause between each attempt. Is it there any way to ask that during a unsuccessful attempt that the system waits some time before another try? I include the files with this post and before publishing it please remove the IP addresses and city name. Trace_04-23-2018_(2).zip