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  1. SIP Configured but not able to originate calls and receive calls. kindly check the log and revert back log.zip
  2. Voip connection problem

    I'm using voiceguide with voice board dialogic the last 10 years and I'm trying to change to voip version. I've download the last trial version (7.5.21) and I set up my voip provider. I check that the software has been connected but when I made calls the software close the line in the first call and keeps open the line in the second call, without running the script we don't hear nothing in the phone). I can't close the line even from hangup button and I must restart the program. I'm sending the log files log.zip
  3. My system is having trouble connecting to the SIP server. The solution I found was to stop VG and restart it. It is really inconvenient because it implies that I am always ready to do this action. When the system does not receive the correct answer from the SIP, it gets bogged down and dials the numbers one at the back of the other without a pause between each attempt. Is it there any way to ask that during a unsuccessful attempt that the system waits some time before another try? I include the files with this post and before publishing it please remove the IP addresses and city name. Trace_04-23-2018_(2).zip
  4. Voip Lines

    I have a 4 port VG and HMP license, Can I register 5 or more Voip lines or i need additional licenses?