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  1. ACD does not answer

    Hello Technical Support Team, please help me, the ACD does not work, I have Voieguide v7.6.30 VGagent v7.6 HMP DialogicHMP_for_VoiceGuide_393. The call in a normal transfer does arrive. The problem is if the VG transfer to an ACD queue is not routed to the agent's phone. Pop-up only. the PBX is: Fortinet model Fortivoice 200F IP voiceguide IP Pbx Ext Agent / AgentTelephone=4510 ext register VG /hmp/pbx 4500-4507 acd queue redque I attach the logs. and other captures. BR Diego MIno logs_para_caso.zip
  2. Dear VoiceGuide, While transferring the call if line is busy then i want to transfer the same call to another number let me know how can i do this .
  3. 2 Line Bridged Call Recording

    i used this for 2line recording but file is creating with no soung please check the attach log. 0121_ktTel.txt rec_1541_55_4.wav Config.xml
  4. Voip Lines

    I have a 4 port VG and HMP license, Can I register 5 or more Voip lines or i need additional licenses?