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Voiceguide Tts Error

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Im trying to convert our old VoiceGuide version 5 to VoiceGuide version 7.


VoiceGuide version 5 is on a Windows 2000 box.


VoiceGuide version 7 is on Windows 7 64 bit enterprise.


104750.268 4020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
104750.268 4020 ktTtsSapi v7.5.0
104750.268 4020 Jun 2 2015 13:20:29
104750.268 4020 zsLogPath [C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\log\] log_level=10
104750.268 4020 options []
104750.268 4020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
104750.268 4020 SpEnumTokens call
104750.268 4020 GetCount call
104750.268 4020 GetCount returned ulNumTokens=1
104750.268 4020 tts voice 0 : Microsoft Anna - English (United States)
104750.268 4020 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens\MS-Anna-1033-20-DSK
104750.268 4020 WARN pToken_EngineUsed == NULL, no default TTS engine set!
104750.268 4020 Create tts thread. threadnumber= 1, handle= 2144 threadid= 3752
104750.268 3752 1 ProcessTTSJob thread created
104750.284 4020 ThreadPriority -1

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Thank you. I also dont see this in the vg.ini file






when the system speaks it comes out all mumble and is really hard to hear. I tired changing the TTSEngine to Microsoft Mary but still the same thing happens.

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This is the updated from the log. Also ran the TTSAPPS and every sounded clear. Voiceguide can play wave files just fine when I phone in. Its just tts that sounds mumbled.


151900.958 3264 ktTtsSapi v7.5.0
151900.958 3264 Jun 2 2015 13:20:29
151900.958 3264 zsLogPath [C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\log\] log_level=10
151900.958 3264 options []
151900.958 3264 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
151900.958 3264 SpEnumTokens call
151900.958 3264 GetCount call
151900.958 3264 GetCount returned ulNumTokens=4
151900.958 3264 tts voice 0 : Microsoft Anna - English (United States)
151900.958 3264 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens\MS-Anna-1033-20-DSK
151900.958 3264 tts voice 1 : Microsoft Mary
151900.958 3264 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens\MSMary
151900.958 3264 default tts voice set to [Microsoft Mary] => 0
151900.958 3264 tts voice 2 : Microsoft Mike
151900.958 3264 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens\MSMike
151900.958 3264 tts voice 3 : Sample TTS Voice
151900.958 3264 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech\Voices\Tokens\SampleTTSVoice
151900.958 3264 Create tts thread. threadnumber= 1, handle= 2104 threadid= 3688
151900.958 3264 ThreadPriority -1
151900.973 3688 1 ProcessTTSJob thread created

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Could you please post the other traces from VoiceGuide v7 \log\ subdirectory.


(just today's traces and please .ZIP them up and attach the .ZIP file to the post)


Also please attach the TTS generated .WAV files - they can be found in VoiceGuide's \temp\ subdirectory.

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Attached trace captures two incoming calls, but neither of the two calls used TTS at any stage.


The script is using a 'Say Number' module to speak out some numbers, and the recording of the call shows that this is what you must be referring to, as it is the numbers played out by the 'Say Number' module that do not play correctly.


'Say Number' type modules do not use TTS.


'Say Number' type modules play back numbers/dates/etc by concatenating a series of pre-recorded sound files. These sound files are in VoiceGuide's \system\voice\ sub-directory.



In your script the module [snbSampleDetails] is playing numbers: 2919513 (as Digits), and is told to play the sound file forSample.wav just before them.


That forSample.wav sound file should be in the same sound format as the sound files in VoiceGuide's \system\voice\ sub-directory.


Right now forSample.wav is a 22kHz 16bit PCM format. It should be in whatever the system format was selected to at install time. Most likely: 8kHz, 8bit ULaw, but look at format of sound files in \system\voice\ to confirm.


The rest of your sound files used elsewhere in script are 11kHz 8bit, and looks like you have some pre-recorded number sound files in that format already (in x:\sound\common\numbers\ directory) so another (probably preferable) - solution would be to change forSample.wav to be a 11kHz 8bit PCM file and the copy your x:\sound\common\numbers\ sound files into VoiceGuide's \system\voice\ sub-directory. Then all the sound files played back by the Say Numbers module would be in the same 11kHz 8bit PCM format, and probably in the same voice.




Please also see:








759 081117.651 1528 wav: format=1, channels=1, hz=22050, bytes/sec=44100, bytes/sample=2, bits/sample=16, DataBlockSize=45878 C:\voiceguide\harvest_survey\wav_files\forSample.wav

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