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ACD does not answer

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Hello Technical Support Team, please help me, the ACD does not work, I have Voieguide v7.6.30 VGagent v7.6  HMP DialogicHMP_for_VoiceGuide_393.   The call in a normal transfer does arrive. The problem is if the VG transfer to an ACD queue is not routed to the agent's phone. Pop-up only.

the PBX is:  Fortinet   model  Fortivoice 200F

IP voiceguide
IP Pbx

Ext Agent  / AgentTelephone=4510

ext register VG /hmp/pbx  4500-4507

acd queue redque

I attach the logs. and other captures.


Diego MIno



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This is a VoIP based system.

You must specify the full VoIP type number for the agent, so VoiceGuide knows what IP number to dial when making the call to agent.

Looks like that number should be:


right now that ACD agent has the number specified only as:


and the call fails as the system does not know to what IP number the SIP INVITE should be sent to.


170940.016  42               wcf   acd   agent add   AgentLogOn [1010,Prueba,****,4510,1,,logon]

171031.880  22   3   1             dial  4,,91700774774@,12/3/2021 17:09:00,test,priority=1,live=C:\Users\IVR\Documents\IVR\IVR Puce.vgs,am=C:\Users\IVR\Documents\IVR\IVR Puce.vgs,fax=,na=,exhausted=,60,count=2,delay=10,,,

171119.323  19   7   2     2       ktTel_MakeCall_Enqueue([4510],CONNECT_IMMEDIATELY, 60,0,3,,<calltype>DialAndConf</calltype>) call

171119.373  24   7   2     2 ev    CallState GCEV_DISCONNECTED, crn=8000002, iEvent=0 ,16384,0,64, s1:, s2:, s3:, build_date: 2020-07-06 19:20:57.36

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Also, on outgoing calls its recommended to use existing .WAV files (not TTS) as the file to play to call recipient when VoiceGuide detects them answering the call. That way the call recipient hears something played to them immediately after they say "hello". Using TTS will add a delay before the TTS generated file starts playing.

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VoiceGuide made the outgoing call to 4510@

Fortivoice PBX at responded to that call with a "401-Unauthorised". So looks like PBX is set to request authentication for calls arriving from the VoiceGuide system (

VoiceGuide's previous call to 91700774774@ also responded to with a "401-Unauthorised", but on that call the "Caller-Id" / "From" was set to "4500@", and  looks like the VoiceGuide system has the Authentication password configured for "4500", so call proceeded after authentication.

On the outgoing ACD call to agent the "Caller-Id" / "From" was not set, so when 401 response was received VoiceGuide did not know what registration data/password to use to authenticate, and the call was dropped.

So the solution is to either ensure that "Caller-Id" / "From" is set on the outgoing ACD calls, or that Fortivoice PBX accepts calls from without authentication. (ie: Fortivoice  uses "IP based" authentication).


There are two ways of setting CalllerID on outgoing calls to agents made by ACD.

(Note that in examples below "4500" might be enough for the CallerID, you may not need to use the full "4500@")



Set the CallerID in the "agent_invite_options" setting in VoiceGuide's ACD Queue configuration. See the "VoiceGuide ACD Queues Configuration" section of the "VoiceGuide ACD Agent Installation Instructions" document. You need to add a <CallerId> entry to the <agent_invite_options> setting (in <acd> section of Config.xml). This sets what authentication/CallerID will be used for calls made out from this ACD queue.




Another approach:



Set the CallerID in the <Channel> entries in the Config.xml like this:



All outgoing calls on that channel will then use that CallerID by default.

Note that you then have to set the CallerID on each channel that can be used to make the outgoing ACD calls.


If you can set Fortivoice PBX to use "IP Based Authentication" then this would be the simplest solution, otherwise ensure that authentication is correctly set up as per instructions above.




202154.733  20                     acd   AgentToCall_match Find2ndLineAndMakeCall call
202154.738  20   3   1     1       dial  Find2ndLineAndMakeCall cid=[], dialOptions=[], rec2line=[]
202154.738  20   3   1     1       dial  sCidSentThisCall=[] (extracted from dialOptions)
202154.738  20   3   1     1       dial  sCidSentThisCall=[] (post rv replace)
202154.738  20   3   1     1       dial  strDialoutOptions=[] (post rv replace)


981 202154.745 11800   7   2 fn    LineMakeCall(iLineId=7, iCallRequestId=0 (ignored), strNumberToCall=[4510@], callprog=CONNECT_IMMEDIATELY<rtp-audio><rtp-audio-1>G711U</rtp-audio-1><rtp-audio-2>G711A</rtp-audio-2><rtp-audio-3>G729</rtp-audio-3></rtp-audio>, timeout=60, params:0,3,cidtosend=[],opt=[<calltype>DialAndConf</calltype>])
982 202154.745 11800   7   2       makecall protocol is: non-ISDN
983 202154.745 11800   7   2       reset_voice_to_ipt dxxxB1C2:6 to iptB1T2:7 (hli->ct_devinfo_dx.ct_devfamily=0)
984 202154.745 11800               hli->linedev=7 hli->voicedev=6
985 202154.745 11800               CleanDialString [4510@]=>[4510@]
000 202154.746 11800   7   2       gc_MakeCall [4510@] call (HMP)
001 202154.746 11800   7   2       gc_MakeCall ok. crnx=8000002
002 202154.746 11800   7   2       TelDriver_LineMakeCall ret=0 crnx=8000002
003 202154.746 11800   7   2 r     generic ktTel_Completion|10000  Completion_MakeCall|0  134217730 (134217730|0|0|4510@||<result>ok</result><crn>134217730</crn><crnx>8000002</crnx>)
004 202154.747 11800   7   2       LineMakeCall TelDriver_LineMakeCall zsResult=[<result>ok</result><crn>134217730</crn><crnx>8000002</crnx>]
005 202154.748  5124   7   2 ev    GCEV_DIALING crn=8000002 crn_lastMakeCall=8000002
006 202154.748  5124   7   2 r     CallState(7, 8000002, 0, GCEV_DIALING, 16, 0, 16, , , )
007 202154.751  8188               extension event - saved into zStore_GC_PARM_DATA idx=9
008 202154.752  5124   7   2 ev    GCEV_DISCONNECTED crn=8000002 q: 1/1


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Hello, is there a way to just transfer the call to the queue ?, without occupying the 2 channels? I do not require recording. Regards Diego





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ACD functionality requires use of 2 lines while call is connected to agent. ACD system need to route the call through itself to know when call has actually ended and agent starts the "after-call" Work/Wrap-Up state. Otherwise you would need to have some CTI link into the PBX/Switch to which the agent is connected to track that.

Also, many PBXs/Switches do not support use of SIP REFER transfers on outgoing calls.

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Another note: When VoiceGuide ACD is used you do not need to have Agents' phones attached to PBX. Agent call legs can go direct to Agent phone's IP address. And calls coming into VoiceGuide or going out of VoiceGuide do not need to go through any PBX either - they can just go straight in/out from the SIP trunk service provider.

If you just want a setup where ACD agents get connected to calls, then you do not need a PBX.

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Otherwise you would need to have some CTI link into the PBX/Switch to which the agent is connected to track that.

To arrange for such custom configurations to be set up please contact sales@voiceguide.com

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Hello, what should I configure so that the queue only gives me music on hold and not the position of the queue.



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See the "VoiceGuide ACD Queues Configuration" section of the "VoiceGuide ACD Agent Installation Instructions" document.

From that document:


On-hold : sound file that will be played to the caller while the caller is in the queue.


What information will be played to caller while caller is in queue. This includes items like position in queue, and estimated wait time. Set to none if no information is to be played.


So to just get on-hold music you need to set onhold_information to none (in the relevant <acd><queues><queue> section of Config.xml), and set onhold_music to filename of your on-hold music. If onhold_music is not specified then the "onhold_240.wav" file will be played by default.

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