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Create Result Variable by myself

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I would like to ask that can I create Result Variable by myself? It is because I need it to have a unique id for each call from its beginning to end (using when jumping to other sub-call-flow/script project or calling backend program/api )

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Simplest way to create/set a Result Variable is by using an Evaluate Expression module:



Many peopl use the $RV_LINEID and $RV_PORT and the Date/Time $RVs ($RV_YY, $RV_MM, $RV_DD, $RV_HH, $RV_NN $RV_SS etc) to create a unique expression which is the used as the 'Call ID' and save that expression to new $RV.

eg: Put this in the Evaluate Expression module as the expression to evaluate


and put this in the "Assign result to the following Result Variable:


you will then be able to use:


for rest of script running during the call.


Other ways of setting $RVs is by calling the API functions:




You can also create/set a list of $RVs when using "Run_ResultReturn" API call when returning from JavaScript/VBScript call:


And the Script_Goto / Script_Gosub / Script_Return API calls:




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Thank you. I would like to ask that should the Evaluate Expression module put before a play module or after play module (Greeting module)? It is because after greeting module, I need to let user to select language.

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You can put it before or after.

There is no noticeable delay when running a Evaluate Expression module (it takes a few milliseconds to run), so it will not make any difference.

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I would like to ask why I can't use the Evaluate Expression module's result Variable for run VBScript. Please refer to the attachment.

Annotation 2020-06-08 124214.png

Annotation 2020-06-08 124306.png

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That  should work.

Can you please post the vgEngine trace file so we can see what happened on the call.

The vgEngine trace file is created in VoiceGuide's \log\ subdirectory.

Please .ZIP up the trace file before posting.

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The module "Call_id" is not part of the active call flow.

Have you set the starting module correctly?

Here are the modules that the callflow on your system goes through during the call:

130122.464  16   3   1     1 state [Greeting] tts generate start (len=65) |
130122.583  16   3   1     1 state [Greeting] Playing tts (C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\temp\tts_3_1.wav) |
130124.884  16   3   1     1 state [OutPutCallId] RunScript |
130124.906  28   3   1     1 state [OutPutCallId] RunScript vbs, onhold= |


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The "Starting Module" of the script is set in the "Edit" -> "Script Properties" menu in the VoiceGuide Script Designer.

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