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DNIS Routing - run different script based on number dialed

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On systems that handle many different types of calls, the script used to handle each call can be selected by looking at the number that was originally dialed by caller.

The number dialed by caller is known as "DNIS" (Dialed Number Identification Service).

DNIS number is accessible in VoiceGuide script using the $RV_DNIS variable. (see list of system variables here: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/resultvariables.htm )

The script that first answers the call can look at $RV_DNIS and then use a "path" to "goto" other scripts depending on $RV_DNIS value.

This routing script can consist of just one Evaluate Expression module, but if more advanced routing is needed then a Run Script module can be used instead.

See the "MainRouter.vg" script below (open the .vgs script in VoiceGuide's Script Editor)




Screenshots from the above script:








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