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iphone app to call IVR

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I'm a tech and support an IVR system. Is there an iphone app that I can use to call in? I don't want to use the desk phones anymore. What is the iphone called?

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The calls into system arrive over telephone lines/channels.

If you have an VoIP based system then you can use a softphone to dial the IP address of the IVR system directly. Not aware of what iPhone VoIP apps would allow you to dial IP address directly.



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thank you.......So at this point we use AT&T phone lines, we still  must continue to use a desk phone? I was hoping to advance our technology by having the users call main number through an app, then the app knows about your IVR pre-filled voice menu information and enter that info into app. NOT possible?? thanks


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What data would that app be entering / sending to IVR in your case?

Are you looking for some way for the callers' identifying information to be sent to IVR automatically at beginning of the call?

VoiceGuide can see the CallerID on the incoming calls (if it is being sent by AT&T over your telephone lines), so CallerID is often used to identify caller, and then the IVR callflow then can be set to no longer ask the caller to enter their ID details, but the callflow would retrieve them from database/web service/etc. instead. You can even have system run different callflows or play different files, or offer different options - all depending on the CallerID.

More information on how CallerID is visible to VoiceGuide callflow (using the $RV_CIDNUMBER Result Variable) is here:


Some of the modules that can be used to perform different operations depending on what the value of CallerID is  are:



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yes when we call number it ask different things.

OK I'll check this out. thanks

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