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  1. Hi Support, I'm having an issue trying to make an outgoing call using the autodialer. I'm connected to a PBX extension and can receive calls ok. The system looks to be trying to dial out but the PBX and wireshark traces don't seem to seeing an outgoing call. See attached for the traces and logs. 0411_vgStatusMonitor.zip wireshark_trace_20230111.pcapng
  2. Trying to Running Voiceguide HMP

    Hi Support, I'm testing your Voiceguide SIP HMP on Vmware Esxi 8.0 on a Windows 10 Pro. I have installed the HMP 3.0 build548, which seems to be running, but the Voiceguide will not run. See attached log files. 0330_0908_IconTray.zip
  3. ACD does not answer

    Hello Technical Support Team, please help me, the ACD does not work, I have Voieguide v7.6.30 VGagent v7.6 HMP DialogicHMP_for_VoiceGuide_393. The call in a normal transfer does arrive. The problem is if the VG transfer to an ACD queue is not routed to the agent's phone. Pop-up only. the PBX is: Fortinet model Fortivoice 200F IP voiceguide IP Pbx Ext Agent / AgentTelephone=4510 ext register VG /hmp/pbx 4500-4507 acd queue redque I attach the logs. and other captures. BR Diego MIno logs_para_caso.zip
  4. Dear VoiceGuide, While transferring the call if line is busy then i want to transfer the same call to another number let me know how can i do this .
  5. 2 Line Bridged Call Recording

    i used this for 2line recording but file is creating with no soung please check the attach log. 0121_ktTel.txt rec_1541_55_4.wav Config.xml
  6. Voip Lines

    I have a 4 port VG and HMP license, Can I register 5 or more Voip lines or i need additional licenses?