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Outgoing call issue with HMP using autodialer

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VoiceGuide traces show outgoing call attempts, but the numbers specified to call do do include the IP address through which these VoIP calls are to be made.

163100.754  23   3   1     5       dial  call found (autodialer) ID/GUID=3/43a60f8c-1320-4666-bf79-3958c1f54250, tel=99252851, SinceTaskLoaded=00:00:00.0351326, SinceWorkOnTaskStarted=00:00:00.0351326, S1=00:00:00.0010181 (163100.720-163100.719), S2=00:00:00.0009772 (163100.721-163100.720), RetrUpdt=00:00:00.0231465 (163100.753-163100.730)
163306.411  23   3   1     8       dial  call found (autodialer) ID/GUID=4/98599725-969e-40b4-aa71-783f5efd5658, tel=9p9252851, SinceTaskLoaded=00:00:00.0209439, SinceWorkOnTaskStarted=00:00:00.0209439, S1=00:00:00.0009975 (163306.390-163306.389), S2=00:00:00 (163306.390-163306.390), RetrUpdt=00:00:00.0189494 (163306.410-163306.391)
164306.799  23   3   1     9       dial  call found (autodialer) ID/GUID=4/98599725-969e-40b4-aa71-783f5efd5658, tel=9p9252851, SinceTaskLoaded=00:00:00.0220529, SinceWorkOnTaskStarted=00:00:00.0220529, S1=00:00:00 (164306.777-164306.777), S2=00:00:00.0009834 (164306.778-164306.777), RetrUpdt=00:00:00.0200845 (164306.798-164306.778)
164506.397  23   3   1    10       dial  call found (autodialer) ID/GUID=5/fbfeae55-ef88-442b-a481-61cd8996c77d, tel=99252851, SinceTaskLoaded=00:00:00.0141405, SinceWorkOnTaskStarted=00:00:00.0141405, S1=00:00:00 (164506.383-164506.383), S2=00:00:00.0009733 (164506.384-164506.383), RetrUpdt=00:00:00.0131672 (164506.397-164506.384)


This is a VoIP system. The calls are going out from the system over the IP network. You need to specify the IP address to which these call requests are to be sent.

Please see: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/dial_voip.htm


If loading call using the Outbound Call Loader this IP address can be specified in two ways.

eg like this:



or like this:



(replace telephone number and IP address with your own values)


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