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IVR never receive DTMF at all

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Now I might have DTMF issue. When I made the test call and it looks like IVR never receive DTMF at all. I did check IVR log and couldn't find anything. 


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Please post the WireShark trace that shows all the RTP traffic as well.

Maybe best to just filter WireShark capture to show all traffic between IP and IP

This WireShark filter should work:

(ip.src== and ip.dst== or ( ip.src== and ip.dst==

current WireShark trace only contains:



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There are no DTMF tones and no RFC 2833 DTMF messages in the RTP stream sent to VoiceGuide.

You will need to ask the PBX administrator why that is the case.

Recommend doing a call where the caller speaks "I am now pressing key 1" and then pressed key "1" a few times, then key 2 and maybe a couple more keys, and forward the WireShark trace of that to the PBX administrator to show them that the key-presses were not sent to VoiceGuide.

Maybe do that from a couple different phones as well, to show that the phone used is not the issue.


The WireShark capture actually shows that some RTP packets that are sent to VoiceGuide are out of sequence - at around the time it appears that a key might have been pressed - so it's possible that you have something (PBX itself?) removing the DTMF sounds from the voice path., but not issuing RFC 2833 in their place...

(eg: a bunch of RTP packets missing between packets 6425 to 6441)



BTW. This PBX uses a different IP for it's RTP traffic - but that in itself is not an issue.

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