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  1. Dear VoiceGuide, I have a script which says Press 1 for Arabic and Press 2 fro English once the user press the number then i want to save this value in cdrin table.Please do the needful.
  2. Voiceguide Not Hearing Dtmf

    We are deploying a Voiceguide setup that relies on DTMF input. However, DTMF tones are not being recognized. Pertinent information: 1. Voiceguide is installed on a Windows 2012 R2 VM in the Azure cloud. 1. Voiceguide is registered to a cloud-based Asterisk as a SIP peer, and Asterisk is configured as UDP SIP. 2. SIP Provider is Flowroute. 3. DTMF tones are configured as rfc2833. Wireshark and Voiceguide traces attached. 0614vgTrace.zip SIP_RTP capture.zip