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What is difference between enterprise vs professional beside price. ?

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Got a couple of questions we have  downloaded VOIP SOFTWARE interested in purchasing  12 lines  

We are starting a chat line, can we use professional instead of enterprise?  don"t need a dialer but will call the transfer probably would need 

 Also if we purchase  VOIP 12 lines - can we use 6 lines to test on our software or do have to use all 12 lines to start with to operate

Can we test the VOIP lines and the chat script in the free trial mode? Once we purchase how long will it take to activate from the free mode?




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You will need the Enterprise license. Chat Line type applications make heavy use of in-callflow JavaScript/VBScript modules and return data to VoiceGuide via VoiceGuide API.

When running the HMP license in trial mode you will only have access to one line, and to properly test a chat line you would probably want to remove the connection time limits, which requires using the software in licensed mode.

Licenses are supplied within 24 hours of purchase.

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Chatline version - are the prompts set up already or  would we have to record each greeting ourselves. ? like  a voice-over person 

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Yes. You can edit the Chat Line demonstration script to modify any functionality or add your own functionality, and you can add, re-record or replace any of the sound prompts used.

The VoiceGuide callflow scripts can be edited using the VoiceGuide's Graphical Callflow Editor. See: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/designenvintro.htm

The Chat Line demonstration script along with the sound prompts can be downloaded from our Example IVR Scripts page:



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