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Trying to Running Voiceguide HMP

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Hi Support,

I'm testing your Voiceguide SIP HMP on Vmware Esxi 8.0 on a Windows 10 Pro.

I have installed the HMP 3.0 build548, which seems to be running, but the Voiceguide will not run.

See attached log files.


Dialogic screenshot.PNG

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I was able to correct this but uninstalling voiceguide and unistalling HMP 3.0 build 548 and installing HMP 3.0 build 538.

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The version of HMP drivers currently available for download from our downloads page for use with VoiceGuide on Windows 10 is the 'build 538'.

(the 'build 393' also available for download there will also work with Win10)


Please note that as you are using Windows 10 and not a Server class version of Windows you must ensure that Windows 10 never goes to "Sleep" or "Hibernation".

"Hybrid Shutdown" or "Fast Boot" is also not supported and must be disabled.

These settings can be set on the "Settings > System > Power & sleep" screen.

Dialogic drivers do not handle Windows' "Sleep"/"Hibernation"/etc.


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We have just updated the HMP drivers downloadable from our Downloads page to 'build 540'.

We recommend everybody using 'build 538' on their system to update to 'build 540', and to also update the VoiceGuide software installed on their system to the latest version (currently 7.7.3) so that these 'build 540' drivers are used correctly.

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