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Register SIP extension error

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Try to register SIP extension got 401 error. I do have another system which has no issue to register SIP line to PBX. I could find the issue. Please help.


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HMP/VoiceGuide response to the 401 challenge looks OK.

What is the device at ? Does it have any logs that can be looked at to find out why that device responds with a 403 Forbidden after the HMP/VoiceGuide replies to the 401-Unauthorised?

HMP response has the Authorization header containing what looks to be a valid response that includes the Digest Authentication Response.

Is the password correct?









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What is the device at ? Does it have any logs that can be looked at to find out why that device responds with a 403 Forbidden after the HMP/VoiceGuide replies to the 401-Unauthorised?

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The main difference seem to be that the 3CXPhone is adding a ":5060" to the end of the IP addresses.

Would suggest adding that ":5060" suffix to all the IP addresses specified in the <VoIP_Registration> and <VoIP_Authentication> sections of VoiceGuide's Config.xml and trying the registration again.

But ultimately speaking with the administrator of this PBX would be best. They should be able to see the cause by looking at their logs. You could even be looking at some IP or User-Agent whitelists/blacklists.










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Looked at your previous post where you had the SIP registration working fine with another PBX that has same User-Agent "Enterprise IP-PBX (InSIPH)" :


and that working registration looks exactly the same like the one that is now failing for some reason.

So again, would recommend contacting the administrator of PBX that you are currently trying to register with.

Here are screenshots of the previous successful registration for comparison:








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Also, if this is a connection for a larger number of channels, then perhaps you could look at setting up an direct IP based SIP trunk connection from this PBX, instead of relying on constant SIP register messages to maintain the connection.

This way calls to certain number/extension would then just be routed direct to the VoiceGuide/HMP IP address and VoiceGuide would then just answer those calls.

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The response to the 401 challenge now looks pretty much the same as the 3CXPhone response.

Contacting the PBX administrator would be the next step.


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Problem fixed by installed dialogic HMP 3.0.540. 

Resolved HMP-1472 540 IPHOST An issue that caused SIP registration using Digest Authentication to fail has been resolved.


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Could you please post the WireShark trace capturing the registration when HMP SU 540 is installed on the system?

Also, although VoiceGuide v7.7.x was built to support HMP SU 540, the actual DLL built for working with HMP SU 540 might not ship with the version of VoiceGuide which you have on your system (v7.7.1 or v7.7.2 ?)

Please look in VoiceGuide directory and see the file ktTel_hmp540.dll is there.

If ktTel_hmp540.dll is not there then the vgEngine trace files will show that the correct integration DLL could not be found, and that VoiceGuide ended up using a 'fallback' integration DLL that was built for use with an older HMP version. Use of this older DLL - built for different HMP version - could potentially lead to some other issues.

The DLL built for integrating with HMP SU 540 is included below:



If you do not already have ktTel_hmp540.dll on your system then please unzip the above file in VoiceGuide directory and restart the VoiceGuide service.

If you could also post the last vgEngine file created before the DLL update, and the vgEngine trace created when service was restarted after the DLL was present, then we can confirm what DLL was loaded before and that the correct DLL is now used.


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I did upgrade VoiceGuide to 7.7.2 after I installed HMP540. Before add ktTel_hmp540.dll to VoiceGuide folder, I have no issue to start up VoiceGuide service. After I add ktTel_hmp540.dll, I got dialogic HMP wasn't install message.

The attached are the vgEngine files for before,after, and removed ktTel_hmp540.dl added to VoiceGuide f0401_0105_vgEngine.txt0404_2242_vgEngine.txt0404_2305_vgEngine.txtolder.

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Looks like there was a DLL version mismatch when adding that single DLL to v7.7.2.

Simplest way forward would be to update system to VoiceGuide v7.7.3, which is now available from our Downloads page.

ktTel_hmp540.dll ships with v7.7.3


To change to a different version of VoiceGuide:

  1. Stop VoiceGuide Service. VoiceGuide can be stopped by clicking on the VoiceGuide Service Monitor in the Windows's Icon Tray on bottom right of the taskbar and selecting "Stop".
  2. Exit all VoiceGuide programs. This  includes the Service Monitor applet in the Icon Tray area in bottom right of the screen,  as well as the Script Designer, Line Status Monitor, etc.
  3. Do NOT uninstall the previous VoiceGuide installation.
  4. Stop the Dialogic service using the Dialogic Configuration Manager (DCM), or Windows' Services Applet.
  5. Run the VoiceGuide install and install into same directory as existing installation.
  6. Start VoiceGuide service.

Note: Running a VoiceGuide install over the top of an existing install will NOT overwrite existing configuration or license files (Config.xml, ConfigLine.xml, VG.INI, etc) and will not remove any of users script or sound files, and will not remove any log files etc.



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