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Protecting VoiceGuide log files

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Hi all. I would like to protect the content of our voiceguide log files from prying eyes - the CallEvents files contain too much private information in cleartext form for our liking (financial information). Seems that I cannot alter the location/path of log files in the VG config files. Is there another way to do this? I was hoping to set up a separate drive for logs, which could then be encrypted/password protected etc. So, VG installed on C: drive and logs on (say) E: drive which might then be BitLocker encrypted.

Thanks for all contributions

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The CallEvents log can be disabled by adding this setting to VG.INI, in the [Log] section :



The "script" logs (.vgl / .csv / .xml / .json) logs that are created for the individual scripts that are used during call can be disabled by adding this setting to VG.INI, in the [Log] section :



The main VoiceGuide debug trace files can be turned off using these settings in VG.INI's [Log] section :




so the above will let you secure VoiceGuide, with no logs of any type being created.

VoiceGuide needs to be restarted after changing VG.INI in order for the new VG.INI settings to be read in.

More information on the logs and how to disable them can also be found here:



There is no option in VoiceGuide to set the default log directories at this stage, but you may be able to achieve this by creating a Symbolic Link in Windows that redirects VoiceGuide's \log\ subdirectory and each script's \log\ subdirectories to another location.

If there is still a need to set the location where CallEvents and other trace logs are saved, then we could add this in future VoiceGuide versions.

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