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play back speed and volume

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Our customer want the IVRS allows caller can perform the following actions by pressing a single key 
on the keypad:
1. Pausing and resuming 
2. Skipping forward or backward
3. Adjusting the speed of the speech output 
4. Adjusting volume
5. Jumping to next or previous notice or article
6. Resetting the playback speed and volume to the 

Is it possible?

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Thanks for your reply. Actually, we have checked that page in your Online Help, However, we could not find any notes about 'resetting BOTH the volume and speed to default', your information only state 'goto [PLAY ACTION - Speed Reset]'

Does this reset means BOTH speed and volume?? Please clarify.

If not, then please suggest us how to reset BOTH speed and volume to default in one key press.


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Documentation does not show how to reset both speed and volume in one keystroke. We will enquire how this can be achieved and advise. This will need to be raised with the programming staff so this may take a few days to get an answer.

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We can confirmation that it would be no problem to add a 'Play Action' function that resets both speed and volume in one keystroke.

This functionality will be added into next release of VoiceGuide, which will be available for download in about 2-4 weeks form now.

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