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test Voiceguide script with telephone line

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From your previous post here:


the trace attached to that post shows that you have a Dialogic analog card (D/4PCIUF series) in your system:

121952.907  20               reg   UNREGISTERED EVALUATION VERSION, lines: 30 id: CARD[GM522407]

So I assume that the telephone line that you installed is a normal traditional analog line.

Is that correct?

Does the telephone line work when attached to normal telephone? When using that line with the telephone handset attached to it can you make and receive calls on that line and is the sound clear?

If yes then just plug the same line into one of the ports on the Dialogic card.

Note that as you are running VoiceGuide in Unlicensed Evaluation mode you will need to restart the software on regular basis to keep it working.


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Thank you. How to plug the same line into one of the ports on the Dialogic card? Could you explain the step to dot it?

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Unplug the telephone line from the telephone, and plug it into any port on the Dialogic card...

Do NOT use a 'splitter' etc.

Only one device - either the telephone or the Dialogic card - can be connected to the telephone line at a time.

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