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Can't test VoiceGuide script

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Attached trace shows that you are using an analog Dialogic card on this system.

Traces show the card was initialized OK and all 4 ports on the card are now now ready.

Looks like you are using a VoIP softphone to make the calls, so if you are not seeing calls arriving at the analog Dialogic card then you should look into your networking and media gateways etc. setup


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Attached trace shows normal system startup, with 4 ports on the D/4PCIUF card opened and ready to receive calls.

No problems/errors are showing.

The script set on all 4 lines in Config.xml is the default Credit Card Payment.vgs :


174842.450  20                     VgsScriptLoad load start [C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\Scripts\Credit Card Payment\Credit Card Payment.vgs] iVgsLoadCounter=1

What is the actual problem that you are experiencing?

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You are trying to call an analog system from a VoIP softphone using an IP address?

Is the "" IP address the address of a VoIp<->Analog media gateway?

You should have a good look at your networking and media gateways etc. setup...

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