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Hello I have an OPENSCAPE X8 PBX.

I want to combine a robust IVR.

My need is that I want to have at least 60 simultaneous incoming calls to the IVR, as well as the function of reading text to speech content.

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For TTS capable deployments you will need an 'Enterprise' type license.

'Enterprise' is sufficient for handling incoming calls. 'Enterprise+Dialer' would be needed if you require for IVR is to be making outgoing calls as well.

Please see here for what various licenses support:



Will you use SIP or E1 trunks to connect the Siemens PBX to IVR ?

Both options are supported by VoiceGuide.

For SIP you will need additional SIP licenses (Dialogic HMP licenses) - please contact sales@voiceguide.com for Dialogic HMP pricing.

For E1 deployment you will need a Dialogic E1 card. Please see the Hardware page for list of Dialogic cards that can be used:


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