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Cannot display Arabic characters in VoiceGuide VB Script Editor

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After downloading full Arabic package including ‘Display’ ‘Text to speech’ and ‘Keyboard’ subcomponents we would like to make VoiceGuide read ‘arabic’ sentences.

However,  it seems that ‘Arabic’ characters written and retrieved  from any Microsoft software (Word, Wordpad, Notepad) or other third parties text editor (Notepad++) cannot be interpreted and displayed on any ‘VoiceGuide’ UI text editor interface (Text Box input field). The Unicode format (seems to be ‘UTF8’)  related gets displayed in unreadable characters that cannot be processed by the Arabic TTS_Engine. (Please refer to the attached image for full details)

We did confirm though, that numerical characters (1, 2 …) are well spelled and pronounced in arabic.

Can you please let us know whether there any specific setting that need to be enabled in the Voiceguide or any additional plugins to be added in order to make the Voiceguide VB text editor to display correctly Arabic characters, words and full sentences.

Please find in the attachment a snapshot of the Voice guide VB Script editor window along with the logs captured Arabic sentence interpretation testing.


Thanks for your support.


Attach: log file + screenshot



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In the "Play" type module that is shown om the screenshot the approach to use is:

In the "Sound file to play" text box specify the .TXT filename that contains the text to be spoken.

When running the script the Play module will then read in the .TXT file and pass the contents to the TTS engine.


From https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/modplay.htm :


If a text file is specified in the ”Sound File” text box then VoiceGuide will read in the text file and will speak (TTS) the contents of that file.
The text file should have a .TXT suffix.


Starting playing of .WAV sound files and TTS from .TXT files is possible in "Run VBScript"/"Run JavaScript" modules as well, but looking at the screenshot of your VoiceGuide script it looks like you would like to do the TTS from a "Play" type module.


Current version of Script Designer will not display Arabic text. the next version of Script Designer supports Arabic.

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Many thanks for your prompt answer.

Regarding your remark,  we actually tried both methods to try to read ‘arabic’ characters:

1stcase) Copy the Arabic text from the text file ‘welcomeInCairo.txt’ and past it into the Voice Guide text to speech text filed.
2nd Case) Attach directly the ‘welcomeInCairo.txt’ file in the ‘Sound to Play’ field.

Unfortunately, both cases ended up failing. We noticed in the 2nd case that either .txt or .wav files were expected. We assumed that the .txt might expect another sound encoding type (like polyphonic for example) instead of pure Unicode format.

Also, you mentioned that at the end of the day, the real root cause is that the current version doesn’t support Arabic and there seems to be another version that supports it.  Can you please point us out this new version? Is it already available?

Thanks for your support in advance.

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Please post the vgEngine and ktTts traces that capture system startup and the attempted play using the method:


Attach directly the ‘welcomeInCairo.txt’ file in the ‘Sound to Play’ field.

We can then see what is happening on the system and advise.

Please .ZIP up the traces before posting.

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