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Dialogic Diva Analog-8 PCIe

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I bought a Dialogic Diva Analog-8 PCIe.  When I installed the card it doesn't come up and isn't on the list of cards to install on the Dialogic Configuration Manager.  Is this not a card I can use?

Thanks in advance

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The Diva cards are not usable with Dialogic Configuration Manager.

Those cards were designed by different company (Eicon) and have nothing in common with the original Dialogic cards. Only reason why they now have the word Dialogic in their name because Eicon and Dialogic are now one company. They kept Dialogic company name and now they started to call the "Eicon Diva" cards "Dialogic Diva" cards....

The list of cards supported by the Dialogic Configuration Manager, and hence by VoiceGuide is here:


If you want to support 8 analog ports then recommend buying two matching D/4PCIU series cards, or a D/120JCT card (which is a 12 port card).



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