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Por favor su ayuda adquiri 4 licencias de voice guide, pero al momento de poner el programa con la licencia no realiza las llamadas, sin embargo quito la licencia y si realiza las llamadas, la configuración de la extensión que llama es la misma.





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Please your help acquired 4 voice guide licenses, but at the time of putting the program with the license does not make the calls, however I remove the license and if you make the calls, the configuration of the calling extension is the same.


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Can you please post the vgEngine and the ktTel traces that capture the outgoing call attempts made when the software was registered and hen it was not registered.

Please post entire trace files. Please .ZIP up the files before posting them.

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Screenshot shows that you only have the "Professional" version of the license.

To make outgoing calls you will need the "Dialer" license.

You will need to upgrade your license to "Professional+Dialer" (or to "Enterprise+Dialer) to be able to make outgoing calls when running in licensed mode.

The Evaluation version lets you make a few outgoing calls, that is why it works before applying the license.

Please see here for details of what the differences in VoiceGuide licenses are: https://www.voiceguide.com/ivr-software/ivr-system-features.htm

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