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Pickup detection/ message is cut

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On couple of answering machines we see that recording is "cut". It does not start from the beginning

Seems answering machine has delay, it does not record immediately or voiceguide starts sooner then needed

one answering machine - there was no record at all

I know number

Any idea?

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Most likely those answering machine announce messages was either too quiet or it had a long period of silence at end of message and before recording started.

The vgEngine trace would show what has happened on those calls.

Silence detection level and length used to detect end of answering machine messages is set in VG.IN in section [VGDialer].

Look at settings: AM_SilenceDetectLength and AM_SilenceDetectLevel

looks like you may want to adjust those settings to better suit your targets dialed.

VoiceGuide service needs to be restarted after changing any VG.INI settings.


If you can reproduce the problem then .ZIP up and post here the vgEngine trace along the the "rec_am_*.wav" sound files in VoiceGuide's \temp\ subdirectory.

(The latest answering machine message for call made on each port is saved as a "rec_am_*.wav" sound file in VoiceGuide's \temp\ subdirectory.)


Also, if you want to have every answering machine message saved in \temp\ subdirectory, set:


in VG.INI, in section [VGDialer]


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Also, silence detection length and level an be set on a per-call basis, using Result Variables:




So if you know that particular call may be answered by an extras quiet answering machine then level/length can be adjusted by specifying this in the "ResultVariables" field of the outgoing call:


Above set the detect level to 5 (level can be between 1 and 100, 0 to turn off detection), and SilenceDetectLen's "30" setting represents 3 seconds (SilenceDetectLen is in 100ms units)

This is similar to how silence detection is set in the Record module: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/modrecord.htm

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