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this is my simplest script. I put it here


Xml disappears but it calls nowhere
Please help me to test dialer out

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Please .ZIP up the contents of VoiceGuide's \log\ subdirectory and post it here.

We can then see what is happening on the system and advise.

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I have an issue with dialout
I made a list with only 1 person myself
Made that XML format put in Data folder.

It disappeared but no dialing out happened

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Please .ZIP up the contents of VoiceGuide's \log\ subdirectory and post it here.

We can then see what is happening on the system and advise.

(this question was already asked in this topic:

(we have now merged the two threads)

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This is the log. Pretty large. I tested my card and it seemed to be working

If you suggest me a nice test with Voiceguide I would do.

I tried multiple times to make that single call


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First of all, the VoiceGuide software was installed in VoIP mode, instead of in "Dialogic card" mode.

We can take you though the configuration changes required to fix this, but it's easiest if you could just do this:

1. Stop VoiceGuide service

2. Exit all VoiceGuide programs

3. Uninstall VoiceGuide and then manually delete the entire VoiceGuide directory tree.

4. Restart PC

5. Install VoiceGuide again, and this time make sure to select the "Telephone lines / Dialogic cards" option during setup, not VoIP.

Please see: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/install_v7_dialogicsr60.htm


After software is re-installed and service started please try calling into the system to make sure the phone lines are working.

Once you confirmed the system ins answering incoming calls then try loading the outgoing call.

If you encounter any issues please post traces as before.



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I do not remember at which stage it asked me whether I needed card or VOIP mode, sorry

I can reinstall no problem
I actually did 1 inbound call and Dialogic card showed it working
Do you have inbound call test simple script I can run?

also can you tell me before future test should I make sure service is running? With evaluation it stops every hour, right?

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VoiceGuide will by default use the 'credit card payment' demo script when the incoming calls arrive.

The Config.xml file is used to set the starting script, but the default settings will work. Just install software and then call in after service has started.

Evaluation version needs to be restarted roughly every 1 hour in order to work.

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Did as you said and it works great!

Now can you give me an advise how you design DYNAMIC outgoing message. Like if have to make a reminder call
"hello this is XYZ company and your transportation for MR XYZ will be ready at xyz time"
Let's say I want to put name of XYZ dynamically.

One way is to buy text to wav software and have outdialer program use different WAV files.

Is there a more intelligent way? Like to have a fragments of WAV files and dynamically supply names times ... etc


Thank you

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Both approaches can be used with VoiceGuide.

Note that with VoiceGuide you have an option of specifying any of the below as the message on the outgoing call:

1. WAV file or a series or WAV files (comma separated). Note that all sound files in a comma separated list must be in same format.

2. Text file (.TXT) that will then be converted by VoiceGuide using TTS and played.

3. VoiceGuide Script.


The "VoiceGuide Script" option is the most flexible, and then also allows for called person to start to interact with the system.

Within a VoiceGuide script you can use a combination of "Play" and "Say Number" etc. modules to play out the initial message (use "Timeout {0} goto ..." paths to jump from one module to next immediately).

The dynamic data can be supplied by specifying Result Variables when loading the new outgoing call, and this $RV can then be specified as the data to be played in the "Say Number" module or as TTS in a Play module etc.

Sometimes the various information to play is retrieved form a database and then played (bu looking up the data based on the number dialed, which is available to script as: $RV_DIALEDNUMBER)


In the specific example you use:

"hello this is XYZ company and your transportation for MR XYZ will be ready at xyz time" 

The various company "XYZ" options can be pre-recorded as there would be a limited number of those and all would be would known in advance and you would know which one to use on the call.

The time "xyz" can be played out using a "Say Number" module: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/modsaynumber.htm

The name "MR XYZ" would need to be TTS'd, unless you have a prior recording of that name - often if bookings are made over the phone the name of person for whom the booking is made can be recorded (after asking caller to say the name) and that same recording can be used  in the later outgoing call.



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