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Hi VoiceGuide,

Please help me, How to skip somes module write log to file MMDD_CAllEvents.txt? 

e.g we don't write log of card number when customer entered.
 115226.370|state|[Enter Card Number] Number Input 982601|||||0|0|0|0
    115227.180|state|[Enter Card Number] Number Input 9826016|||||0|0|0|0
    115227.990|state|[Enter Card Number] Number Input 98260160|||||0|0|0|0
    115229.940|state|[Enter Card Number] Number Input 982601602|||||0|0|0|0
    115230.810|state|[Enter Card Number] Number Input 9826016020|||||0|0|0|0
    115231.291|state|[Enter Card Number] Number Input 98260160200|||||0|0|0|0

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The CallEvents log shows all the notable events that occurred during each call.

The log can be turned off, so that no log entries are created at all.

This is done by adding entry:


in VG.INI in section [Log]

There is currently no way to select for only some events to be removed.

If you do require to remove only selected events then we can add a mechanism to turn off/on the event logging from with the script on a per-call basis. Please contact sales@voiceguide.com if that is required.

Edited by SupportTeam
new features added in v7.5.19, see below posts.

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Additional features are now available in VoiceGuide v7.5.19 , allowing better control over how key-presses made in a Get Numbers module are protected.

Please see here for more information: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/modgetnumber.htm#security

These new features allow the protection levels to be set dynamically during the call, and allow protection of data without requiring for the logging itself to be disabled.

v7.5.19 is now available for download from our WWW downloads page.

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StatusDispMaxLen and MaskKeys can also be set dynamically during the call, by setting the following Result Variables:


The $RVs can be set using an Evaluate Expresion module, or using any other method available for setting of $RVs.

Can you give me example of setting $RV[ini_moduleGetNbrs_StatusDispMaxLen] by [ Evaluate Expression] and the method?

Many thanks

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Thanks Guys

So how we can back to beginning to setting  [ini_moduleGetNbrs_StatusDispMaxLen] for next step? mean after that step we can be write log all number entered.



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You can just set the $RV[ini_moduleGetNbrs_StatusDispMaxLen] again, this time to value large enough to ensure that all the entered numbers will be visible in Line Status Monitor. eg: 50


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Hi VoiceGuide,

I'm team member with Thanh Nguyen. When we set MaskKeys=callevent, it just ignore write log in *_CallEvent.txt file but still write log in *_vgEngine.txt. So can you help me how do I ignore write log both files ?


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In VG.INI, in the section [moduleGetNbrs] the "MaskKeys" entry can be given these values:

script : will stop all keypreses made in a Get Numbers module from being stored in script logs (.vgl/.xml/.json/.csv logs)

callevent : will stop all keypreses made in a Get Numbers module from being stored in CallEvents log

status: : will stop all keypreses made in a Get Numbers module from being shown in Line Status.

to set all 3 options set the MaskKeys to:


Some more information on this can be found on this Help file page:


in the "Protecting Entered Data" section.

To stop the vgEngine from storing details of DTMF keypress events you would need to lower the vgEngine "log level".

Setting vgEngine log level to a value to 2 should do it.

Similar would need to be done to ktTel trace as well, as presumably you would not want that log to store the keypress event event data either.

ktTel trace would need to be set to 1.

ie. In VG.INI set:



To turn off the vgEngine and ktTel logs altogether just set the log levels to 0.

ie: In VG.INI set:



VoiceGuide service would need to be restarted  in order for the new VG.INI entries to be read in.

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