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Script Logs With Id's

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How to ad to json log file connection ID to track connection from log to log file?




How to track connection across multiple scripts log files?


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The .json log file referred to would be the script's log file, yes?


So you would like to add some ID that would allow you to link up the entries in various script .json log files (and the .csv/.vgl/.xml formats as well) as belonging to same call, yes?


The simplest way to achieve this would be to use an Evaluate Expression module in each script to evaluate an $RV that holds some ID for the call (generated by you in the script that answers the call).

then each log file will contain the entry.


eg. if you assign some ID to $RV[id_sess] then evaluate $RV[id_sess] in all other scripts, and select select the 'save to log' option in the Evaluate Expression module.

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